Everything for working in Horeca

An initiative from the non-governmental, non-profit sector and Horeca business people in Slovakia

I want to work in Horeca

This section provides important information about employment, statutory entitlements and employee benefits, as well as what you need to work in HORECA. Everything important as well as information on unfair practices and hazards.

I’m offering a job in Horeca

This section provides HORECA employers with information about the conditions for employing Ukrainian citizens and people from third countries. What are the conditions and what specific requirements must these job applicants meet.

Dear Ukrainian and third country friends,

Employers and businesspeople in the accommodation and food service sectors have been providing assistance from the very first days and are still providing it.

We are also able to help each other, such as finding a job in the hotel or hospitality industry, whether temporarily or long-term. On this website, our
initiative provides you with complete information about the best way to reach out not only with jobs in Horeca, but also with other assistance available to you during your stay in Slovakia.

Horeca na Slovensku

There are more than 20,000 HORECA employers in Slovakia, of which more than 90% are micro, small or medium-sized enterprises. Before the pandemic, more than 110,000 people were employed in this sector, or more than 160,000 together with other services, or 6,2% of all employees in Slovakia. HORECA jobs are often suitable for people with no relevant education or work experience. 62% of HORECA employees are women.

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